4 thoughts on “CKK0001-1”

  1. I received this really cool robot today but I cannot find the instructions to assemble anywhere.
    i also need to find where i can download the software for it.

    1. Hello!Scan the qr code on the product can be downloaded to the all the information, hope to help you.

  2. Little disappointed in the unit. Maybe I missed a step nor the firmware needs updated. The bit seems to have the wrong orientation and attempts to self orientate at about 45 degrees. Was fun assembling with the family. Some screws and bolts were not manufactured to high precision and took some influencing to work. Batteries are not standard and had to spend an additional $40. Overall the kit seems legit. But the url on the website redirects to http://xxx which is not something the family wants to see. The war code works but the full url should be on the box as well. So if you don’t scan the qr code then the family gets to see some porn. I’m looking for calibration instructions. If I dont find them or cant figure out how to fix the code I’ll buy a different kit.

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