4 Axis Robotic Arm Kit

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COKOINO 4 Axis Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino, Mini Desktop Robot Arm for Children Age 12+, Compliment Engineering, Math, Science, and Technology Learning Strategy
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  • This is open-source desktop robot arm for physical learning, improving building skills, coding and and creative work
  • Using the joystick controller we can control the movement of each servo or axis of the robot
  • We can also record each position or step and then the robot arm can automatically run and repeat these steps
  • Easy to follow instructions with detailed graphic illustrations and example code
  • Arm robot is recommended for ages 12 and up and it is perfect for projects ranging from hobby use to higher level education and robotics research
  • Components List
    NANO board*1
    NANO shield*1
    USB Cable*1
    Joystick module*2
    A pair of Acrylic sheet
    SG90 Servo*3
    18650 battery case*1
    MG90S Servo*1
    DuPont line*8
    P1.2*4mm self-tapping screw*17
    M2*8mm round head screw *8
    M2 nut*8
    M3*6mm round head screw*20
    M3*10mm round head screw*10
    M3*10mm countersunk head screw*2
    M3*8mm countersunk head screw*6
    M3*12mm countersunk head screw*4
    M3*16mm countersunk head screw*1
    M3 mm nut*12
    M3 mm self-locking screw*7
    M3*20mm copper column*4
    M3*30MMAluminium column*2
    M3*37MMAluminium column*2
    φ3*3mm nylon column*13
    M3*6 black nylon stud*4
    M3*6 black nylon screw*8
    φ3*8*4 flange bearing F693ZZ*3
    M2 Phillips screwdriver*1
    M3 Phillips screwdriver*1
    5.5-4 spanner*1


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