Positional RGB LED Christmas Tree

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COKOINO Positional RGB LED Christmas Tree for Arduino, Welding Electronic Christmas Tree Kit, DIY Blinking Christmas Tree for Arduino
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  • It would be fun to diy a decorative Christmas tree using PCBs, LEDs , resistors and other curcuit components
  • In this kit, we provide an assembly tutorial, and blinking tutorials that controlled by a uno board
  • Our programs give it two blinking modes, the blinking mode can be switched by a SS-12D07 switch, they can be cascaded indefinitely to form a row of Christmas trees
  • You can scan the QR code on the package to download the tutorial or download it from this link:
  • Not only can you learn knowledge from this kit, but you can also use them as a home decor
  • Things you need to prepare:
    Tin wire
    Soldering iron
    Uno r3
    USB cableComponent List
    PCBChristmas trunk1
    PCBChristmas tree base1
    Five-ring resistance220R5
    Five-ring resistance 1K
    Potentiometer10K adjustable1
    Capacitance 10K1
    Capacitance 47UF 16V1
    IC block 2*41
    IC block 2*81
    IC NE5551
    IC CD4017BE1
    Switch SS-12D071
    Female Header 2.54MM 8PIN1
    Pin Header 2.54MM 8PIN1
    Connector 3PIN looper 2
    Cable 150MM 3PIN1
    Cable 150MM 3PIN1


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