Starter Kit for Arduino

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LK COKOINO Uno Starter Kit for Arduino Projects, Programming, Electronics, Engineering, Practical Learning and Teaching Kits, Including Comprehensive Tutorials

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Lesson List:
1.Getting start with arduino IDE and uno R3
2.Small circuit component(resistance, LED, triode., etc)
3.A row of flashing LED lights
4.Breadboard and breadboard power module
5.Button light in the Quiz game
6.Charming multi-color LED lights
7.Potentiometer adjustment lamp
8.Voice control light
9.Sound switch
10.Light control lamp
11.Safety circuit(relay)
12.4*4 Music keyboard
13.Electronic password lock
14.180 degree swing hand
15.ULN2003 Stepper Motor
16.Extended IO experiment
18.Changing face(8*8 matrix)
19.Wireless remote control light
20.Wireless display panel(8*8 matrix)
21.I2C 1602 LCD display memory(SD card)
23.Temperature and humidity sensor
25.Intelligent home circuit system


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